TORI KING (Assistant Producer)

Tori King has worked in all capacities of production since the age of five.  Producing efforts include Miss Violet Regrets, Bottled In Baby, Ionesco’s The Leader (director, as well), and self-producing her hit one-woman show, The More Men Weigh (Best of the Fringe in Edmonton, Canada).  She received an MFA in Playwriting from ASU under the tutelage of theatre luminaries such as Marshall W. Mason, Steven Dietz, William Hoffman, Michael Grady, Jim Leonard, Jr., and Guillermo Reyes.  She has performed with the Arizona Theatre Company, Aurora Mime Theatre, Playwright’s Theatre Workshop and Winterstock Regional Theatre (Best Supporting Actress for her role as Annelle in Steel Magnolias); The Marsh, The Mock Café and Venue 9 in San Francisco; Los Angeles with Circus Theatricals, the Fake Gallery and the Powerhouse Theatre.  Film credits include: Hard-Bitten; Easy; Love, Hollywood Style; and Take Out.

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