Kathleen Dunn is a certified Lessac Voice, Speech and Body Trainer and has been coaching actors and non-actors for over fourteen years. She has served as voice and movement faculty at Cal-State University, Fullerton, Long Beach City College and Loyola Marymount University. She also serves as a voice and speech coach for the Shakespeare intensives, held at Will Geers Theatricum Botanicum. At the University of Southern California and Santa Monica College, she currently teaches in all areas of performance: voice, speech, dialects and acting. You can also find her at UCLA extension in the Entertainment Studies teaching voice, speech and movement to actors interested in t.v. and film.

Kathleen is a four-time Irene Ryan Finalist and Three-time Dramalogque winner for her acting. She continues her professional work as an actress in theatre, TV, and film and is constantly reminded of the vocal and physical challenges of the actor, speaker and everyday communicator. She credits her growth as an artist to her mentors, Arthur Lessac and Diana Castle.